The vivo Y11 – A New Mobile Phone


Buy vivo Y11 (Tomorrow) smartphone was launched on October 18th, wherein it has taken the entire market by storm. It is one of the most futuristic smartphones of this generation and has a lot to offer. The device comes with a stunning 6.35 inch high-definition touchscreen display with a sharp resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The device is loaded with cutting-edge technology and offers great value for money.

The device offers users high resolution camera, multi-tasking features, high-end Android operating system, text-to-speech capability, and a host of connectivity options. Apart from this, it comes packed with many useful features such as Google Now, in-built music player, Google Search, and much more. Users can enjoy the striking dual cameras present on the vivo Y11 along with professional video recording. This is one of the first handsets from the new line-up of Nokia which is aimed at offering users the best smartphone experience. Buy vivo also promises a number of unique software and facilities.

Buy vivo Y11 offers users a number of features that can be used to their advantage. The handset comes with an inbuilt browser, which helps in browsing the internet comfortably and offers decent-quality sound and video. The browser also offers users the facility to stream content, and view images etc from any place across the globe. Apart from this, the browser also offers users the facility to share pictures and videos and download songs, files and videos to the vivo y11 easily.

Users can also enjoy the benefits of the social networking facility that is integrated in the new  vivo y11 smartphone. With the help of this facility, they can easily talk to their friends and families and stay connected with them from any corner of the world. The built-in micro-blogging also helps in providing the users with updates about the product and other news. Buy vivo also claims to provide its users with exceptional service. When the user wishes to buy any new Nokia smartphone, he just needs to send an email to the company and the product would be sent to him/her within 24 hours.

In terms of features, the Nokia vivo y11 has all the things that the users would expect from a smartphone. There is a bootload of Windows operating system, which enables the phone to function well on the Windows platform. Users are not left behind with the advanced Windows applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These applications are pre-installed in the phone. Users are also treated to an attractive interface that is smooth to use.

Users can get the gist of the device’s unique selling proposition through its compact size and remarkable features. The handset comes with four mega-pixels camera, which come in different models. The lens of the handset is designed in such a way that it facilitates the capturing of clear pictures. Nokia has also incorporated a battery life that is long enough to make the battery go flat. The total price of the vivo y11 3GB ram mobile phone will probably be set to go high, because of its great features.